The People Who Make Your Food (Our Suppliers)

Love is knowing the people who are making your food.

And we want you to know the families who work at what they do best.   When you shop at The Butter Churn, you are supporting the families who actually make your food.  Who care.

(And hey – if you are a local food person who wants to be here – let us know who you are and what you got)

Better be the BEST carrot EVER.

Here’s who you are going to find at The Butter Churn:

Pilot Knob Comforts – aka The Popcorn Folks!

Beagle Creek Farms

Sitka Salmon 

Boetje’s Mustard

Jacobson’s Rusks – The link isn’t to Jacobson’s Rusks.  They don’t have a link.  But they also don’t have someone to take your money at their bakery because for over 30 years they’ve just left a cash box and believed in the honor system.   Jacobson'sYou know…  They’re still in business.  So they don’t do things the way that other people will tell you that you have to do things.  So no link for you – instead you are going to get the best rusks you’ve ever had.  ‘Cuz THAT’S how they do things.

Country Morning Coffee

Bishop Hill Bakery

PND Poultry – I’m not going to be able to link you up with a website yet for these fine folks… But I am going to tell you that PND Poultry was started by a gal named Paige.  She’s 17 and a going to be a senior next year.  She is also an FFA Member, and Member of Lynox Loyals 4-H Club.  She’s currently operating with over 250 hens, Paige takes pride in her flock, providing free range access every day while using multiple fields to rotate through.  She has earned many awards for her eggs including 4 years Grand Champion Henry County Fair, 3 years FFA VoAg Fair and 2013 & 2014 Illinois State Fair Champion!   (We kind of like her, can you tell?)

Baby Cows!!

Ropp Jersey Cheese

Creekside Vineyards

Reason’s Meats

Henn House BBQ Sauce

Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips

Heartland Bulk Foods – Now Heartland doesn’t have a website, because Heartland is run by the most wonderful Amish folks.  And even though they aren’t using the internet to market themselves, I need to let you know about them.  They are supplying us with our bulk foods – all those pantry items that frankly, you need.  By supporting us, you are supporting them.

Ganson’s Gluten Free   (and Chris and Carol hold workshops at The Butter Churn – Check it out.)

Mississippi River Distilling Company – these guys are happily keeping Woodhull supplied with Iowish.  (The better version of Bailey’s Irish Cream.  For Real.)

Bootleg Wildflower Mead – this Guy is AMAZING.  We had a Bratoberfest back in October and Rick showed up looking like he belonged in a Ricola Commercial.  It was outstanding.  He makes really good stuff.

Pickle Creek Herbs

2 thoughts on “The People Who Make Your Food (Our Suppliers)

  1. Hi Steph,
    I was just going through the links of your merchants.
    Love it although we’ve not had the opportunity to get to the butter churn yet, we love what your doing there!
    John and Dee Heck


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