What the Store is all About

Feed Your Family.  Create Community.

A local grocery dedicated to Community and Real Food.  With one focus on products that support local growers, farmers, and producers; and the other focus on Community.

Decorated in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, shoppers will be able to find seasonal, locally grown produce, raised and locally butchered meat, as well as traditional staples for the pantry and kitchen.  And, maybe a cup of coffee with a nibble from our commercial kitchen.  OUR COMMERCIAL KITCHEN.  Did I also mention we have a state liquor license?  We do.  Because that’s how we roll.

The Butter Churn offers:

  • Food (produce, meat, fish, baked goods, pantry/kitchen staples, dairy, wine, coffee, etc….)
  • Commercial Kitchen for commercial rental classes, workshops, private events (see our kitchen page)  Classes that focus on how to use the produce, pack lunches, dinner solutions, real-life experiences for teens before they leave home, etc…
  • Guest Cooks.  Maybe my Grandma.  Maybe yours.  Maybe a Cook from a nearby restaurant.  Maybe you
  • Old Fashioned Candy Counter.  For Big and Little Kids.
  • Bios of the Farms and Farmers who supply our products.
  • Tiny Carts for our petite shoppers (your kiddos!)
  • Community Board – got stuff to say?  Post it on our board
  • Beer and Wine Tasting Events.  Try something new.  Walk home!
  • A place for small meetings, cards, backgammon, coffee drinking and hopefully some quality B.S.

ALSO – Here are some good things to know about us:

Almost all of our suppliers carry additional items beyond what we have at the store – which means… Ask us if there is something that you are looking for.   We can order it for you!

Note: If you have a special occasion order – We need 10-14 days lead time to make sure that it arrives in time for you.

We like your kids!  It’s okay to bring them in.  You still have to parent them (We don’t do that. Nor are we babysitters.) but we do expect kids to act like kids.  Also, it’s ALWAYS okay to breastfeed in here.

We want your suggestions!  This is a relationship.  If you don’t shop here, we’ll go out of business. So we want to know if there are things we need to know.

Food Emergencies Happen.  We get it.  Happens to us all the time (in fact, this is the #1 reason The Butter Churn is even a reality right now).  Call us.  If we can help, we will.

A community bulletin board is available inside the store.  It’s probably fine – but check with us first before hanging anything up.

We are so glad you are here!

6 thoughts on “What the Store is all About

  1. How can I get ahold of the creator behind this new store? My Grandpa farms just north of woodhull and I think he would love to be apart of supplying local fresh foods. Please email me with some information!


  2. Hi Steve – I’ll send you a email with my contact info. I would love to talk to you about your Grandpa and the store. Thanks for the comment!


  3. This is very exciting! I’m glad something new is happening in Woodhull. I grew up in Woodhull but now live in Galesburg. I have a wood shop in New Windsor and am just starting out so if there’s anything that you would need made out of wood, let me know!


  4. I grew up in Woodhull and know Roxy and Grandma Dorothy. (I’m Joanne Carlson’s daughter ) Do you think that some pieces of pottery that would have both beauty and some kitchen related function also would sell there?. 1 is a funky multi-colored tea pot that I think would look great in the store. (It’s over 12 inches tall). I could send a pic. Would you think that pottery would be a nice addition to your store???? I have an endcap in a local flea market/ antique store. thanks, Nancy


  5. Hi Steve – I wanted to check back in with you. The store is now open and if you are still interested in chatting – let me know. Thanks. Stephanie 408-507-6476


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