Sarah Laub Hahn

Aside from working on this year’s farm plan, there has been another person with a dream that I have been collaborating with. Her name is Stephanie Liljedahl Freeman. Steph is fantastic, full of energy, and totally devoted to her dream of opening a grocery store in her hometown of Woodhull, IL. She doesn’t want to open just any grocery store. She wants to open a grocery store called The Butter Churn that will be stocked with locally grown food. She is currently working on some fundraising for her store and was recently here working on her plans for The Butter Churn. Steph and I had lots of time to talk about her vision for The Butter Churn grocery store and my vision for Beagle Creek Farm. I had such a great time with Steph. We have so many common goals and passions. I hope that you will all visit her fundraising site and help her see her dream become reality!

(btw – you should visit Sarah’s website!)