Mary Byrne

Hi Everyone! The most amazing person, Miss Stephanie Liljedahl, who I am so proud to call my bestie, is opening a much needed grocery store in her home town of Woodhull, Illinois. She is currently doing a fundraiser to get it started. Woodh…ull really needs a local grocery store. The closest thing they have is a Walmart 20 minutes away, making it difficult to access fresh food.
Please check out her website and contribute some money to help her get this started! Let me know on FB if you donated so we can celebrate helping to open the Butter Churn! Everyone who donates and tells me on FB – I will buy you each a drink!!

If you are hesitating to contribute, you are a dummy! You have wasted more money in your life on much sillier things, what’s $25? You will be a part of something real and great and something that will make the world a better place.