Butter Love

Support for this project has been a global effort. Friends, Family, and strangers have been there from the beginning, not only with financial support, but emotional support and support in spreading the word about this project. The Butter Churn has touched a place inside of people, and moved them to action. Not motivated by material things, nor by charity, but by a chance to make words into action.

I think of you as a modern day hero. Just thinking of you and all that you have done makes this old lady feel young again. Continue to be brave!

Jacque Lauer

Hey! My friend Stephanie is making great progress on her goal but there’s only a few hours left. Go check out her amazing, beautiful, selfless project to bring a grocery store to her tiny hometown in rural Illinois! They need it and she needs you. We’re all in this together, right?

Anne Barrow

I have been reading a little bit through Facebook about this venture you are on.  I am very excited for you and look forward to reading more as it continues.

Sherry Johnson

These are the best kind of grocery stores, and I wish you great success!

Marie Knox

If you know me, you know healthy organic food & access to it is a big issue for me.  My friend Stephanie is eradicating a food desert in her hometown of Woodhull, Illinois by opening a grocery store “The Butter Churn.”  Check out her indiegogo page for more info on this worthy business & please spread the word!

Selena Poon Ontiveros

An incredibly talented, dedicated mother I know from Sam’s school is trying to open a grocery store in her rural hometown of Woodhull. Yes, an ambitious project, but if anyone can bring it to fruition, it’s Stephanie Liljedahl.

Susan Imokawa

A classmate of mine from high school is hoping to open the grocery store in Woodhull up again as a market with fresh homegrown foods from the area!! I think she is doing a wonderful thing! Check out her video and see what it’s all about!! Great job Stephanie Liljedahl!!

Denise Eiker

I am impressed at your courage for taking on this project.   I wish you the best of luck making your dream a reality.

Beth Crinigan

If commitment, energy and passion are the cornerstones of a successful endeavor, then this is about to go viral.  Stephanie is a force of nature (oh, and pretty cool, too), so I expect nothing but excellence.

Tom Mounts

Hi Beautiful Stephanie! If I could contribute all $40K I would. I believe in you 110%. I can’t wait to see what you can create! I am looking forward to the grand opening of The Butter Churn. You know how I know this is going to be a success? Because you are passionate, driven and focused. You have the perfect blend of common sense, tenacity, and just a touch of crazy.

Mary Byrne – Part 2