Plain and Simple.  We like entertaining.  And we like food.  And we love learning more about the food we sell and how to have fun with it.  So at The Butter Churn we are always having some sort of event going on.




We’ve had the Sitka Salmon people here, Stephanie Godke with MRDC, Chris and Carol from Ganson’s, Jennifer from Creekside Winery, That Awesome Mead Guy!  As well as folks from Reason’s Meats and The Pilot Knob people.  Actually – now that I’m writing this list, basically almost ALL of our suppliers take the time to come visit The Butter Churn now and again because not only do they MAKE the stuff – they actually care about who is eating it!

Things that you can count on:  Soupy Saturdays and Casserole Thursday!!

We can take on ANY (okay, ALMOST any) Event! We have done Tea Parties, Dinner Parties, Book Clubs, Red Hat Ladies, Business Meetings, Weddings, Showers, Birthday Parties for 10-83 year-olds, Painting Parties, Art Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Class Reunions, Family Reunions… WE CAN DO THAT!




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