NOT Computer-Savvy

Here I am again… It’s Bobbi and I don’t know how to work this crazy thing! Again, I ask for your patience as I learn…with Stephanie in California and no other way to be taught, I have been doing my best to keep customers happy, learn about this website and all of the computer shenanigans required for optimal info output, drive around all the gorgeous little towns where we buy our products from (which has been absolutely FUN!) and pay the bills! HOWEVER! I have come up with a few fun items that you may wanna know about! We will definitely continue with our monthly Wine Downs and we have a special MOBILE WINE DOWN PARTY BUS coming up on Friday, June 16th! Reserve your spot by prepaying at The Butter Churn SOON! Only 30 seats available! For $35, you can ride the Party Bus with your purchased bottle of wine, enjoy snacks along the way as we travel from The Butter Churn just after 5pm to beautiful Creekside Vineyards Winery in Coal Valley for their Firefly Festival! Admission and a free drink ticket and entry into Creekside’s  drawing and a ride back to The Butter Churn in Woodhull is also included in the ticket price! Our May Wine Down is scheduled for Friday, May 19 and Chad Sanders will be playing his jazzy stylings and we will have LavenderCrest wines for tasting, as well as Country Girl Fudge… which should go very well with the LavenderCrest Chocolate-Based Wine! Every Friday is Creativity Night and some are PAINTING PARTIES! WHEW! I’ve got Too Much Info to get out here… hopefully, I’ll do it right? Well, here’s looking at YOU, kid…

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