This Is A Test

…if this had been an ACTUAL emergency, I’d’ve not gotten the info out in time! But It’s only a test. Everything is, right? Hi! This is Bobbi, the new co-owner of The Butter Churn.  And I have heard that I have been lax in my upkeep of the website. My sincerest apologies! I’m not particularly computer-savvy and I’ve been learning a lot at the store these last 3 months… but here I am to fill you all in on a few things FINALLY! My husband, Dale, and I are looking forward to our future at The Butter Churn and with YOU. We have a lot of plans and ideas but The Butter Churn will remain what you love about it… and MORE! We have our own art studio, Studio2:22, that has moved in but the store is NOT becoming an art studio. Just another service that The Butter Churn can offer to the community. Friday Creativity Nights and art-themed parties of YOUR OWN are available. We still have Thursday Casseroles and Soupy Saturdays. We ALSO have TuesdayQs with Smokin’ Willies EVERY Tuesday from 11 til it’s gone! AND April will see us begin our Community Garden! Starting Saturday April 1 at 11-1:00 and EVERY Saturday in April, you can come help us “GROW”… have lunch and Be Community. More to come…


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