Deep Breath. Some Details. Of Course The Store Stays Open.

I swear I never learn.  Always in my head I hear “don’t share too much” or “don’t be so emotional”.

I’m really terrible at both and then the results come out muddy.  Like my post yesterday.  So, let me give you some updates.  Now I know some of you don’t care, and maybe even don’t want any updates, but I also know some of you deeply care about that store and have always found our story interesting.  And for some of you, you follow the story because you love the store, and because we’re so unconventional with our little business and the stories I write about it, that  you like to know what’s going on because you worry.

First of all, If you follow the story of our little store, you know that I live in California.  Which by itself has never been a huge deal actually.  Until recently.  And for awesome, great reasons!  My work out here as exploded, and it’s been some exciting opportunities, and a complete time changer for me.  You may have noticed that blog posts are few and far between these days.  The amount of involvement that I’ve had has needed to change.

Next, going into our second year of business we knew that we needed to make some changes.  Honestly we didn’t know what those changes were going to be for several months, but we knew that for us to keep going strong, some things were going to need to change.

So, here we are.  And the month of December is going to be a transitional month for sure.  January we hope to roll out the Red Carpets for an official ReBoot – Which is going to be awesome.  We are staying open in December.  And all the months after that too.  I am going to stay in the background.  Still involved, but less so.  The rest of the pieces we are figuring out.   Hang in there Everybody.  I know change is hard, but it is all going to be okay.

One thought on “Deep Breath. Some Details. Of Course The Store Stays Open.

  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for this opportunity! I have followed the store since before it broke ground and I will do my very best to maintain your vision. I am only just now trying to figure out how to manage the website (I’m not so good with the computer stuff)… but DO stay with us, friends, as I navigate the treacherous waters of the internet to keep you updated! Much love, Bobbi.


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