Welcome to the Next Day – “There’s a lot of Talk”

My Grandma called me today.

“Honey.  There’s a lot of talk” she says to me.  And I say “I know Grandma.  I’m sorry I haven’t written about what’s going on.”

She says “We know.  But there’s a lot of talk”

And I sigh the big sigh.

There’s a lot of talk about The Butter Churn right now and it’s not our favorite kind of talk.  It does make me laugh though.  Because there has always been a lot of talk.  3 years ago I did a survey of the town about what they would like in terms of a grocery/store/gathering place… And there was a lot of talk.  Most of it hopeful and negative.  All in the same breath.

When we opened the store – there was a lot of talk.  Most folks waited for us to fail.  Many folks talked about us with hope.  And a handful went public in their internet support and by spending their actual money there.  And a lot didn’t.

And now we need to make some changes – some of it is because the community we serve has made it clear what they actually want – and we want to provide what the need is.  And some of it is because that girl who grew up in Woodhull, who started that store, can no longer be involved in the same way.  And if you want to know specifics – you can call me 408-507-6476.  Or email me.  sfreeman5459@yahoo.com.  I would be happy to address and/or answer any questions about what is going on.

There is a family who is coming in to keep the store going though, and who has some pretty amazing and great ideas about how to serve the needs of the community.  And I love that.  And it’s going to be different.  For a little while.  And then it will be normal.  Because the foundation doesn’t change.

I started that store because I love Woodhull.

I love it.  And when I come home I breathe better.  And I feel like I am home.  And I’m excited that this experiment with The Butter Churn gets to continue because of passionate folks. Hang In There….Most of you had trepidation over the new store in first place and now you love it.  Trust that maybe this will be okay too.




2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Next Day – “There’s a lot of Talk”

  1. Stephanie, I pray that whatever is happening in your life right now is positive or resolved in a positive way. I too, love Woodhull – home -and am glad you felt it was worth investing in.


  2. Thank you Kathy! There are so many positives right now. I appreciate that you took the time to write. ❤


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