Wedding Bells at The Butter Churn

About 3ish years ago I was sitting in a martini bar in Galesburg with one of my best friends Sara and her boyfriend Seth (you may remember Seth from this post).  I was all fired up about this idea I had.  I look back now and it’s so stereotypical what I did…. I drew a diagram on a napkin, of a store, that I thought needed to be in Woodhull.  They politely listened and gave each other those looks that couples give each other when one of their friends sounds crazy but they love that person anyway.  And they never actually said I was crazy, actually, they were in the smallish minority of people who said “Why not?”

There were (as followers of our Butter Churn story know) lots of reasons why not.  But faith and the belief that it was worth trying made the insurmountable seem possible.

And next month they are also going to embark on a journey where the statistics aren’t great, and there’s lots of reasons to not do what they are going to do….  But faith and the belief that it’s worth it… Well, they are getting married.  At The Butter Churn.

When I think about the story of The Butter Churn – and then I think about the story of these two people – The Parallels are undeniable.   And I feel so honored that these beautiful people want to officially mark this enormous milestone of their lives at a place that truly only exists because of love, sheer determination, and the support of others.

Which is also so much of what Marriage is about.   People who decide to take a Leap of Faith are my favorite kind of people.  Because it can be so very scary, and so very, very worth it.  Sara and Seth are the kind of people who leave things more beautiful than they find them.  They both have lived lives that have included tremendous amounts of joy, and unspeakable amounts of sadness.  And rather than live in a place of fear and unwillingness to take a chance, they instead decided to hold hands.  Look to the Future.  And face it together.  As a team, as Husband and Wife.

It would be easier not to do that.  It would be easier to site all the divorce statistics.  Or the articles that say people don’t find value in marriage anymore.

Just like it would have been easier to never open The Butter Churn or dream of it’s existence from 2000 miles away.  It would have been easier to listen to the statistics of how businesses fail.

Instead there is a moment where time can stand still and there is a realization that it would be worth the potential fall to do what your heart is leading you to do, rather than to follow the seemingly safer path and not take a risk.  And in that moment, you may realize that the bigger risk is to do nothing and the “safer path” is really a lie.  So you take a deep breath, and in Sara and Seth’s case, grab hands and say “YES”


What an amazing honor it will be to have this event at The Butter Churn.

Thank you Seth and Sara.

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