Thursdays…The Day Where Terrific Food Happens!

Roxi came up with this thing a few months back…  It’s called Casserole Thursdays.  It’s brilliant.  Because every Thursday she makes up a bunch of casseroles and folks take them home and heat them up that day, or they can wait a day or two.

You might be thinking “Dang Roxi!  That is perfect for my busy, active life where I’m trying to manage all my kids and their schedules and you know, life!” And you would be right.

But you may not know that the demographic we are also feeding are those folks who don’t have a crazy schedule, and maybe don’t have a bunch of kids.  They are folks like my Grandma.  Or they are folks where it’s just sort of not that fun to put together a meal just for 1 or 2.  They are folks where dining out isn’t that much fun, but they’d love to have something new to eat.

I love Thursdays.

Today at The Butter Churn:

Thursday’s casserole looks more like an entree….hope you enjoy this summer change. Fresh local Rootbeer pulled pork, homemade Cole slaw made from Beagle Creek cabbage and carrots and last but not least Colburn buttered corn…pick fresh! Pork will come in $5.00 and $10.00 container…Cole slaw is $3 per container that should feed two and hot buttered corn is 75 each cooked and buttered. We do have uncooked corn in the husk 2/$1. So call now and place your order. Dessert you say? Bethany has delicious cupcakes or Joni’s Carmel apple oatmeal cookies!  (straight from FaceBook yo – you’ve liked us and made us your bestie over there right?  If not… go do it!)

We’re open today till 6.  And we are crazy excited about next week – maybe you know it’s our 1 year anniversary…. (GASP!  Can you believe it????)

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