Roxi and Mario.

Roxi was at the FMI Connect Conference last week.  And got to meet this guy.

Roxi & Mario

Roxi and Mario Batali.  Because that’s how we roll.

What is FMI you ask?  Here:

FMI is the trade association that serves as the voice of food retail. We assist food retailers in their noble role of feeding families and enriching lives.

Fancy huh?  And what was The Butter Churn doing there?

Turns out we are cutting edge.  No shit.  You know that kitchen we put in?  Grocery stores across the nation are being encouraged to do so – why?  Because it eliminate waste.  Because people need more to-go food than ever, but want better options than fast food.  Or frozen food all the time.

You know how we sell local, small batch stuff?  Ya, that’s being encouraged too.  Because there is more control and better quality with small batch local.

You know those table and chairs we have, along with all the community stuff?  Guess what – that’s also being encouraged nationwide.  Studies are showing that communities are craving interaction.  The need for food is important, but so is the need for connection.

Just remember that you guys can say you knew us when 😉

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