It’s been a bit quiet around here….

Because we’ve been ridiculously busy.

Doing Stuff.  For The Greater Good AND The Butter Churn

Stephanie has been in Kansas.  Speaking at the Rural Grocery Summit.

Roxi has been in Chicago – as a presenter for Grocerestaurants.  (This is a thing)

And we’be been planning for our first year anniversary.

Not to shabby for a business that wasn’t supposed to make it huh?   (For all the folks who wondered if it’s okay to support us now… It is okay to support us now.  We’re not going anywhere.)

Sorry we haven’t been blogging.  We’ve been busy doing other stuff, like running a business and changing the world.


And we have exciting news.  That OF COURSE I can only tease you with.  Because.. I blame the internet.  I promise to let you know in the next day or two.  (well.  probably 3 or more days.  Because Stephanie is terrible at blogging if we are going to be honest.)

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