Happiest of Days

It’s my Birthday.  I usually don’t like to talk about my birthday (because I have issues.  Ha.  Issues.  The joke is actually that I’ve bypassed having issues and went straight to having a subscription.  LOL)

I’m posting today though, not because of today, but because of last year.  Last year we were in Illinois for today – and the store looked like this:

What a year it’s been!  Look at some of the things we’ve done since that last year!


Last year I turned 40 and for some people those numbers are full of blech – At the risk of sounding over the top though – Turning 40 for me was full of gratitude.  In the last few years several of my friends have died before getting a chance to loathe 40.  Because of that I wanted to celebrate and be grateful to have an opportunity to do something they weren’t able to do.  And to not be scared to follow a dream like opening the store.  We really never know how much time we have.  Now that I’m 41 – the feeling of gratitude continues.  Last year we were hoping to have the store open and ready.  This year I get to celebrate knowing that we have done so much this past year.

The Butter Churn’s Official Birthday will be in July and we’ll have even more photos and whatnot – in the meantime though it seemed remiss not to celebrate at every opportunity!



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