Don’t Stop Believing (Event on Saturday)

A couple of years ago my Mom told me that she was playing the piano for a wedding of a friend of my Dad’s.  This is fairly common – my Mom is an excellent pianist and an all-around really nice person.  Then she said “They’ve asked me to play a piano rendition of Don’t Stop Believing”

And I said “What?  You mean by Journey?”

“uh huh” She replied.

I couldn’t help it.  I laughed.  The really big laugh I sometimes laugh that makes other people turn around and embarrasses my children.  I laughed because the idea of my Mom playing Journey on the piano for a wedding was just.too.much.  As my Grandma would say “it tickled me”

Then my Mom told me a little more…. This wasn’t just a regular wedding.  This wasn’t just an acquaintance of my Dad’s.  This was one of his people.  This was a guy that my Dad would probably lend his best fishing lure to (and I won’t tell you what is favorite one is because he would be mad at me for days for leaking that on the internet).   This guy is one of the select few that my Dad truly calls a friend.  And after a few years of trying to find his way, his way had led him to a lady named Joan.

My parents were enchanted by Joan.  The light hearted teasing that marks my Dad’s affection for someone showed up by way of truly wondering how a classy woman like Joan had fallen in love with my Dad’s friend.

“Buddy – how in the world did you get a lady like Joan to marry you” my Dad would tease.

But in the end.  He did.  And because of that my Mom was sweating bullets on how to best pull off a piano rendition of Don’t Stop Believing.  It was the perfect song for this wedding, for this couple.   A little bit of fun, a little bit of truth, a little bit of rocking out, and a lot of testament to what happens when you in fact, don’t stop believing.  Because amazing things happen.

It was a beautiful wedding.  It was a wedding of people who have lived several different lifetimes before deciding to create another chapter of love with each other.

And that classy lady… She’s going to be at The Butter Churn on Saturday.  Not only is she a woman who puts up with smelly fishermen like my Dad and her husband, she is a woman who has traveled the world (literally), taken cooking classes from renowned chefs in Europe, and is going to be doing a cooking class in Woodhull.   I know, right?!?

She recently started a business called Tasteful Voyages because she loves to travel and cook.  And, The Butter Churn is a fun place to hang out and do amazing things in…..

So what will she be cooking?

From Joan herself:  Demonstrating recipies I’ve learned during my travels, including Polpetti a la Nonna (Grandma’s Meatballs,) Hot Smoked Salmon, and Abruzzo-Style Meatless Meatballs. Hope to see you there!

This is a complimentary event – and she’ll be using ingredients from The Butter Churn to demonstrate some new, delicious ways to cook with what our friends and farmers supply us with.

OMG y’all!  This is going to be so much fun!  And… While my Dad will never ever reveal his favorite fishing lure, you may get him to tell you a funny fishing story.  And when you meet Joan and her husband, remember you are looking at people who took a leap of faith to find each other and love deeply.  That kind of thing just doesn’t happen enough and I’m thrilled that she will be sharing her passion for food and travel and life at The Butter Churn – a store that was created by a leap of faith and passion for things that are sometimes indescribable, and usually delicious.

Details:  Saturday, May 14th  2pm at The Butter Churn – you don’t have to RSVP – but it would be helpful   309.334.3663


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