Spice Up Your Life – Event 4/26 @6pm

In my head I just hear The Spice Girls.  (People of the World! Every Boy and Every Girl!)

But in reality tomorrow is going to be less pop-disco and more Mistress of Spices.


Per Roxi:  Spice Up Your Life Free Workshop! How long will spices keep? Do spices need to be thrown out? What do you use Tumeric , Mace, and Coriander for anyway??

What spice can I use in my meatloaf to give it a like something different. This and so much more! 6pm Tuesday, April 26th!! Walk ins are fine…just want to make sure I have seats . See you then!

This is going to be phenomenal – Anyone know the 2 most important spices?

Salt ‘n Peppa Baby.  And that is not a joke.  Under-seasoned or over-seasoned foods make a great meal a sad meal.  Learning how to use these basic cornerstones and then adding on to your knowledge base can become your secret ingredient.

Learn how to make some spice YOUR secret ingredient!



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