Something Nerdy and Delicious

A little bit ago Roxi was invited to speak at a High School about the store, and being an entrepreneur, and… about following a dream.

She talked about our story.

So… we talk about our story a lot.  And we like talking about it!  It’s ours!  And a lot of folks like it because it’s a pretty good one.  It’s got some highs, some lows.  It’s interesting because of the California thing, and the hometown thing, and the local thing, and just… everything.

Sometimes we meet small business kindred spirits along the way.  We LOVE that!  Talking with people who have taken that leap and tried – Oh!  Be still my heart!  Another percentage of folks that we meet have nevereverevernever wanted to be a small business owner and they enjoy the story, but don’t want to walk that path.  Another percentage are people who don’t want to walk that path AND have a lot of fear around it – those are the people I struggle the most with – I love many of them dearly – but struggle around that piece.  But then there’s the other folks.  The folks who have always wanted to try something like this.. But they’ve either been 1. scared (which is TOTALLY understandable, unless it paralyzes your dream) or 2.can’t see themselves actually making the leap.  Sometimes it’s legitimately not the right time, and sometimes they are still in the planning (not just dreaming) part of it.  More often though it’s the first 2 reasons though.

And then there is Bethany.



Bethany heard Roxi speak that day.

She contacted us and told us HER dream.

We told her to get her food handler’s licence and let us know.  (normally this is where things grind to a halt.)

Not for Bethany.  She got online – got her licence – and booked some time in our kitchen.

Yesterday Bethany got in the kitchen and whipped up her first batch of cupcakes and we get to sell them.  Something Nerdy Treats is Officially in The Butter Churn

(can you hear me SQUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!! from here?  Could I be more excited or proud???)



Go to The Butter Churn – Buy Some Something Nerdy Treats  – and support this lady who is absolutely writing her own story.

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