Fran Riley at The Butter Churn!

The segment just aired and Oooooh!  That store is looking NICE!  Fran Riley can be found here

You can watch it again at 4:45 am Friday and at the noon cast on Friday and then he will put it on KWQC web page under Fran’s Features!   Our bestie Jen from Creekside Vineyards was put on camera as well as one of our favorite people in the world – Sally Goeff (she’s just the best)

You can see Joanie and Roxi making the goods that are so good – and see our petite littles who also shop at the store.

It’s better than rainbows and unicorns.

But – don’t get too caught up on the healthy part.  I mean – we are NOT a health food store.  (You know how much this makes me crazy.  Don’t remember?  Here’s a trip to memory lane )  So. Buy local because it’s better.  Not healthier.  I mean, it can be healthier.  But sometimes it’s just delicious.  And that’s okay.  And while I love me up some Fran Riley – I cannot promise that any of us are hip by any means.  #sorrynotsorry


Oh- and tonight is our wine&paint party.  And put in your calendars:

Mondays – RISE AND SHINE!  Open at 7am for you lovely folks who like to get up early.

Thursday – Casserole Thursdays – today was lasagna rollups.  Ridiculous good.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15 –  Tax Day.  We here ya people.  It’s not our favorite either – BUT we’ve decided to celebrate with Wine (Whine) Down Friday.  Details to follow.


xo, Stephanie

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