I received an Anonymous Letter.


Last month I sort of was losing my shit.  (this is not uncommon if you know me).  I’m very gregarious by nature, I tend to over-share (which for those of you who have been following this blog – this is no surprise), and I’m an introvert (this is a surprise to many).  I can facilitate a workshop of people for hours on end, but dread small talk.  I also live so passionately that I scare many people.  And on occasion will suffer with terrible bouts of self-doubt and depression.  My coping skills are vast however and I’m very proud of that.

I tell you this because last month as I was losing my shit, Roxi was patiently listening to me (I don’t know how much you all realize how much I love this woman) and she told me that we had received a letter in the mail.  She went on to describe it.  As I was listening to her, I thought “God love this woman.  Making up this letter so that I will feel better!”

And then I got a packet of mail from her the other day (if anyone wants more info on how we manage to run this business – this is one of the ways LOL) and this letter was in it.

She didn’t make it up.  It’s the real deal.  So to that:

Dear Anonymous Friend,

Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to send this letter to us.  I’m going to frame it and put it in the store.

I can’t begin to tell you how much this meant to me.   I too believe that we are already a success.  To read your letter however, was to have tangible proof of why I believe we are a success.  Thank you.

(Also, I love that you used the term “train wreck” it’s one of my most favorite and delicious phrases)

love, Stephanie

p.s.  This Monday was our second Rise & Shine Monday – this is our new thing!  We love it!  We open from 7am-1pm on Mondays only.  (Tues-Fri 10-6, Saturday 9-4).  It has turned out to be the best!  I can’t think of a better way to start out your week then to drop by the store, get a little something tasty and greet the day with The Butter Churn.  ❤

2 thoughts on “I received an Anonymous Letter.

  1. For the record….on Monday…at 6:00 AM….sunshine or rain…I stand outside The Butter Churn..and pretend I’m Robin Williams (God rest his soul) and shout..and I do mean shout…”Good Morning Woodhull!” So if perchance you thought you heard someone howl…it’s only me greeting you all letting you know the coffee’s on, baked goods and oatmeal are ready…and smiles are free! Come on in!


  2. one day I hope to shop there. Neal’s parents used to live in St. Charles, IL but now we never visit there. One day would love to take the girls to IL to show them where Neal and I lived (Palatine, Bartlett), where we got married and went to graduate school (downtown Chicago) and if we do I will for sure make sure we find a way to come visit…..miss our days of having family to visit in IL an old friends to reconnect with there……one day one day one day! Soooooooo happy for you! Dreams really do come true!


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