I have needs.

I need someone who wants to run a coffee shop type dealio in the mornings at The Butter Churn.  It does not have to be fancy and you do not need a ton of experience.   You need to want to have your own business, and to have it be a type of coffee/baked goods type thing.  Call me/text me 408-507-6476, email me stephanie@thewoodhullbutterchurn.com, and we will start talking more in depth.

I need more products.  I KNOW YOU ALL KNOW people who are making foods and goods and want you in my store.  We are looking to add more retail – but I’m going to tell you right now that I’m picky.  I want things that have to do with cooking/kitchen/food/etc…  Do you make kid playfood to sell?  Call me.  Do you make dishes?  Call me.  Do you have a cute etsy-type thing that you do that you think you’d like to try and sell at the store?  Great.  CALL ME.

I need some pet products.  I’d like to have a small area for locally produced pet items.  Do you make dog cookies?  Food?  Cat things?  Call me.

I need some more people making delicious things in the kitchen and selling them at the store.  Are you known for your famous (fill in the blank)?  Then get into The Butter Churn’s kitchen and make it for us so we can sell it.  Roxi will walk you through getting your food handlers license.  It is so easy.  And no – you do not need to use only ingredients from the store.  In fact – if you are cooking in the kitchen like that – you need to bring your own ingredients.  We can help you figure out the money part if you need help.

So there you have it.  My list of needs this morning.


Do you see this sad empty crate?  It could be full of your amazing product!!

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