Just read this gem of an article today  – it’s all about wood pulp in your favorite parmesan cheese (affectionately called Sprinkle Cheese in my house)

Most grated parmesan cheese has something called cellulose in it – it’s to keep the cheese from clumping.  It’s wood pulp.  And you eat it.  Even when the cheese says that it’s 100% parmesan – it’s not really.

Anyway – someone wanted to find out just how much cellulose is in their cheese and some studies were done and oh! some people got fired and one company went out of business and the president of that company may face some jail time.

I am reading this article while I snack on some Ropp Jersey Cheese Curds.  And I am just shaking my head.  I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.  Big Companies do bad things with the food they sell.  I know this through and through and as consumers we keep finding out the bad news.

And I’m thinking about Ken Ropp.  I’ve met his cows, I’ve seen met some of his family, and I’ve shaken his hand.  I first met Ken last summer – we had a phone conversation and I was so delighted by this guy.  He was talking my language!  His farm goes back SEVEN GENERATIONS.  I couldn’t wait to go hang out at his place and meet his people.  So I loaded up my kiddos and met with Ken.

Everytime I read another story about shady practices with food it makes my heart hurt a little.  But then I think about how we are doing our part, just a little bit, to make the food we have at The Butter Churn good and safe.  We meet our suppliers.  We get to know them a little.  We like to have them at the store occasionally so that you can meet them too.

We carry a lot of the Ropp Cheese, because we just can’t get enough.  It’s the best.  Molly (my 13 year old) has already declared that the moment she is back at The Butter Churn she plans to buy as many cheese curds as she can afford and eat them till she’s sick because she misses them so.

Thanks for the good work Ken.

2 thoughts on “Face Palm – UGH FOOD WORLD!

  1. Love the picture! Remember all the cats that were there? And I said that a while ago, doesn’t mean it isn’t true… But still.


  2. Just came across your website while researching about rural grocery stores (on RGI). I’m from near Chicago and used to sell Ropp’s cheese. I’ve been to the farm and met the beautiful jerseys. Our local co-op, Sugar Beet Food Co-op in Oak Park, sells it. I’ve become a vegan in recent years, but if anything could cause me to fall off the wagon, it would be their Green Onion Cheddar! I hope the Butter Churn keeps going and thrives. We need you.


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