Roxi is going to be on TV!

When I told my mom I that thought that Woodhull needed a market, one of the things she said was “Who is going to run it?”  And I said “I don’t know.  But I believe that someone will come forth and it will all work out”

And then my mom just stared at me.  And shook her head.

And that is the truth.  That is what I thought, and believed, and said.  Exactly.

And then one night I got this email from this lady.  (Of course it was Roxi)


Roxi has stuck by me through thick and thin with this project.  She believed in it.  There were times when we didn’t know what was going to happen, like last year when we were still waiting for the Official Loan Okay, she was steadfast.

When people tell me that they love The Butter Churn – they are talking about Roxi.  Because she has made that store what it is.

People don’t often “get” us.  Which has been okay.  Because we “get” us. People wondered how in the world I could ever trust anyone to run that store.  And I know I looked at them a little cross-eyed.  Because I can’t imagine not trusting Roxi.  (Of course I look at the world in a way that often befuddles others – I understand that now that I’m 40.  It was harder when I was younger.)

So…  Roxi – She’s going to be on teevee!  Channel 4 today.  She was invited to speak at a Career Day for Brown Mackie College.  They have a “Young Sprouts” career day and she was representing Entrepreneurs.  How Fantastic is that??   I love that kids are getting exposed on how to have a dream and then make it possible!  And I love that Roxi is there to represent.

Thank you Roxi.  I think the world of you and can not imagine my life without you.


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