Tens of Thousands of Dollars.

I ran the numbers for 2015.

And I know you guys want to know how we are all doing!  And what’s going on! And OMG we are big time in the paper right now and I can’t decide if it’s the most wonderful thing or the funniest thing ever that the title of all the articles is “Spreading the Butter Love”.

(I was talking to my mom today about the picture and my mom said “Oh Honey – that is such a nice picture of you.”  (Moms are the best!)  And I said “You know it was taken outside of Tom & Melissa’s Bakery in Bishop Hill right?” and then I said “I love that picture because I look all sweet and sort of wholesome with a nice smile and then if you look closer you can see all my tattoos.  Like a thug” and she said “STEPHANIE.  You are not a thug.  My goodness.  I didn’t even notice the tattoos in the picture – are you sure?  Oh wait I’ll just look”

Long Pause.

<medium sigh> “I’m so glad they are pretty at least.”

Another Long Pause.

“You know the picture is so big in the paper that even your Grandma could see it!”


This is the picture.   See?  Look how wholesome I look!

So you know what happened December of 2013?  I spoke to the Village of Woodhull Board of Trustees for the first time and I wrote a post about it here.

December of 2014 – Charlie was well on his way to building us a beautiful building but I was still on pins and needles about the financing.  In fact I was so angsty I couldn’t even blog.  December went by without a peep.  It wasn’t till January when I told the big news.

And now.  We had our first Christmas.

We couldn’t have done without you.  I AM SERIOUS.

In the last 5 months because folks have shopped at The Butter Churn we have been able to keep Tens of Thousands of dollars within the local community, the more local counties, and within the state of Illinois.  By shopping at The Butter Churn, money has stayed local.  Because of your purchases we supported 40+ local people and businesses who are trying to make a living.  (check out our supplier page to see who supplies our food)  We supported local utility companies, insurance people, the Village of Woodhull, and the State of Illinois.   Because you supported us – we could make it possible for people to bring in produce from their gardens, or to cook in our kitchen and make some extra money.

Thank You.


Someone asked me how we did this year.  (okay – A LOT of people want to know).  Here were my goals:

  • Open our doors
  • Create Community
  • Have a place where people could buy real food for themselves and their families
  • Support other small businesses

I smiled and said “We have done everything we set out to do”

BOOYAH Bring It 2016!!

(if you know me then you know I’m totally doing a Chuck Norris Kung-Fu kick as I say BOOYAH)


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