What We’re Grateful For

It’s been quite a year huh?   Some of you may remember that last year at this time we weren’t quite sure how all the finances were going to shake out, we felt cautiously optimistic, but not secure in the slightest.

The building looked a lot like this:IMG_4957

Charlie was incredibly patient with me.  He could have gotten that building up in a couple of months, but he knew that would have sent me into a crazy place, and so built it a bit at a time.  That man is wonderful.


This year though… This year I get to write a blog post about how we are going to be closed on Thanksgiving, closed on Friday afterwards, but open on Saturday!  Saturday is Small Business Saturday – Do you know what that means?  It means it’s a time to go support the small business that make up your community.  And I don’t mean your local Walmart.


Did you guys know that small businesses make up more than 99.7% of all employers? (thanks Small Business Administration (SBA)

If you Google “small businesses” you will find an endless amount of research about why small business is so important to America.  And if you are like many of my friends and family who are very proud to be an American, I have absolute confidence that I will see you guys out on Saturday, supporting your local businesses, that provide jobs in your community (and if you are like The Butter Churn) provide lots of other businesses with the opportunity to feed their families and make a living.

We’ll be open from 9am-4pm on Saturday and the store looks amazing.  We have handmade items (that look professional.  And by professional I do not mean Made In China by Walmart.)  We have tons of food items, things for your home and bath and cleaning supplies.  We have items for your dogs.  And they are all made by people in the Midwest.  From within 100 miles of where Woodhull resides.


So back to TurkeyDay and gratitude.  Here we are a year later.  And I’m so grateful.  Grateful for my hometown community that continues to thrive.  I’m beyond grateful for Roxi and her ever supportive family.  I’m grateful for all of you who read the blog, offer words of support, and share about our store.

If Thanksgiving is a time for family for you – then I hope you have a couple of days of peace and celebration with those you love.

If Thanksgiving is tough for you – for whatever reason – then I also hope you have a couple of days of peace and are able to find some joy.

As we enter into this season, I hope if you are local, then you will get a chance to meander into The Butter Churn and find some peace there too.   Step outside the craziness of the holidaze, cozy up in our store that looks like warmth, and find some joy.



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