Gluten Free Bread Pudding

Yes, I did mean to type all those words together.  You may be thinking…”What the Heck Batman?  That doesn’t even make sense?!?”

Yes.  I know. 

And yet it is true.  Because of the absolute genius of Ladies behind Ganson’s Gluten Free Bakery.


If you are from the Quad Cities Area, you may already be familiar with Ganson’s Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe – of which I have a funny story.

I was going to be taste testing the GF stuff, and called my fave QC Friend Donna.  I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me and do Butter Churn stuff and taste a bunch of gluten free items.  Of which she promptly (and smartly) “oh.  Hell no.”

Because my friends.  Most Gluten Free Baked goods taste like crap.

I’ll say it.  Total Gross in your Mouth.

But then I uttered the next (magical words) “It’s Ganson’s”

She was waiting outside on the curb by the time I pulled up.

The Women of Ganson’s are amazing.  Shoot.  They themselves aren’t even gluten free, but after their customers in the cafe started bringing their own sad looking gluten free bread in, Chris and Carol thought “We can do better”

And they did.


Seriously.  I don’t even have to tell you.  The one that looks like you want to eat is theirs.  The other… Is not theirs.  (the other is the chump kind I have to buy in California.  Sigh)

And tonight they are going to do something even more amazing – which is to do some cooking in the Butter Churn Kitchen and show you how to have a gluten free Thanksgiving.  Your GF people will weep with happiness and appreciation (actually – first they will be mad because they will think you are trying to pull a fast one on their digestive system.  And then after you show them the Ganson’s wrapper they will probably lay down on the floor silently weeping with joy).  And your non GF people won’t even know the difference, they will just think you are the best cook ever.

Tonight friends – starting around 6ish at the store – check it out!

Official Deets:

Tonight – Tuesday, November 17th  starting around 6ish

at the store: 275 N. Division Street, Woodhull Illinois 61490

On Facebook, On Ganson’s Facebook  🙂


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