The SuperMarket Trap

One of our customers shared this article with me the other day… It’s a good read.  Some of the 2 biggest points to consider are these:

“Basically, think of the supermarket not as a benevolent place offering sustenance, but more like a psychological obstacle course filled with traps to seduce you into buying more food than you need. Every part of a grocery store, from where items are placed to the music that is played, is designed to encourage shoppers to buy-buy-buy; for the consumer, that often translates to impulse purchases of poor nutritional quality, overspending and potential food waste.”

But the part that bothers me the most is this: “nine out of 10 boxes of sugary children’s cereal are placed on middle or bottom shelves, where your kids will see them.”

Seriously.  Now as a parent if you don’t know this already, doesn’t this make your head hurt and for you to whisper under your breath “WTF?”  Now there are organizations who try and monitor and watch out for kid marketing, and they do a good job, but still.  They can only do so much.

Now I knew all this when I was designing The Butter Churn.  Most of you know I have a couple of kiddos and Roxi has quite a few.  And I’ve been working with families for over a decade on how to make food choices and be informed, and how to navigate a system that isn’t designed for you to succeed.  It’s a little heartbreaking to learn that the Quaker Oats guy doesn’t really give a sh*t about your family.  Or that your nostalgic love for a food is an artery clogger full of dyes and junk that doesn’t love you back.

We knew that most supermarkets are designed to mislead you into buying things you don’t want and that “impulse” buys are a cheap ploy to separate you from your cash.  The mark up on that stuff is ridiculous.

So we wanted something better.  A place that you could shop that would supply your basic food needs without you having to get a degree in nutritional science or have to deconstruct marketing ploys.  A  place where your kids aren’t used as pawn in maze of hard to understand ingredients, wondering if you really are feeding them something good or not.

If you take out all of the fillers in a grocery store guess what you are left with?

Answer: The Butter Churn.

Looking forward to seeing you this week – Thursday we get the training on SNAP (it was bumped from earlier in the week, so we’re not quite set up yet).  We’ve got a lot of events coming up – check it out on the facebook event page.  We are going to be hunkering in and getting ready for the cold.  Pop in to get warm, say Hey, and get an idea for dinner!

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