WGIL Tonight 5:15…. AND BratoberFest! October 31st!

I got to chat it up with a guy from WGIL yesterday!  (His real name is Bob.  Not just “that guy”)  I’m wondering if the telephone interview will cause as much angst as watching myself on TeeVee?  Probably yes, huh?

Well.  We’ll all get a chance to find out today at 5:15 CST.


This is the sweet radio set up in my G’ma’s house. Jealous? As you should be.

So take a listen!  Should be interesting at least   I’m listening thanks to the Internet.

You’re going to hear about the most FUN event we are going to have – and it’s this Saturday!

BRATOBERFEST!!!  (Roxi is a word master!  She totally came up with that.  I love it!)

Reason’s Meats, Ropp Jersey Cheese, Bootleg Hill Honey Mead, and Bent River Brewery will all be on hand for some tasting!  I am SO jealous that you all get to be there and I don’t that my teeth itch.

I’ll write a better post about this fine event tomorrow – but I wanted ya’ll to know about the radio show and have this little teaser about Saturday!

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