5 Things. Plus some Bread for your Mouth.

  1. Happy Tuesday You Guys!!

2. We made it to today.

Deep Breath.  It’s another day.  And today is a day where it’s okay to take that breath.  Look up in the sky and dare to have just a tiny bit of hope again.  No really, it’s been a hard couple of weeks.  There were some big emotional things going on in Woodhull, some that I blogged about… Some I didn’t, because it wasn’t my story to tell.

3. Today though.  Today has brought cold, and it’s good.  Today has brought some new products that we are ECSTATIC about.  Ganson’s Gluten Free Brioche Bread.  That’s right, it DOES sound fancy.  But it’s bread.  And if you are not gluten free, I don’t even think you’ll notice a difference.  Not really.  And if you are gluten free and are sort of quietly crying right now with happiness and muted joy that you can buy bread like this in Woodhull to have a sandwich, or make french toast with, or whatever… We feel ya.  Take a breath too.  Because we love ya baby.  It’s hard to have food challenges.  We know.


Ganson’s Gluten Free Brioche on the left. Leading competitor on the right. I know which one I want for my mouth.

4. There are so many events to add to the calendar that I shouldn’t even be blogging.  But I’ll just have to make time for both I suppose.  Sneak Peak though – Sitka Salmon – Chef Steph (She’s Comin’ Back!) – Coffee & Cookies – GlutenFree Thanksgiving – Black Friday (I promise it’s not what you think.  Even though I’m not sure what you are thinking)…

and… 5…   I need to know the FIVE things you can’t live without in a grocery store.  Seriously.  What do you need that we don’t currently have.  I want to carry it for you if I can.  But I need to know.

And because I’m sure you want to know what’s on my list, I am going to share it with you:

I buy a lot of the same things over and over and over.  Just like most people do.

Introducing a little variety into their meals is often one of the biggest challenges a family faces. And the tens of thousands of products on offer at your average supermarket ironically make it even harder, not easier.

“Most consumers shop on autopilot. They’re not engaged. They come in a grocery store saying, ‘What I really want is variety,’” Kelley says. “And they leave with damn near the exact same thing as the last time. The store is just too overwhelming for the average person.”

“If you go into the supermarket and get the things you actually wanted to for the first time, you’re already doing better,” Akabas says. “If you keep at it and make it every third time you shop, then you’re being more mindful and starting to be more in charge of what you buy. You’ll be doing it more consistently, coming in with a plan, knowing how the lighting, the smells, and the placement work to get you to buy things you didn’t intend to buy, and that as soon as you go in people are trying to separate you from your money. You’re finally the one at the wheel of the car.”

So here’s my 5:

  • Eggs.  We eat a CRAZY amount of eggs.  We love breakfast for dinner.  Breakfast for breakfast.  Egg Salad Sandwiches.  Fried Eggs, Deviled Eggs, you name it.  I could probably keep Paige Beck in business just with my family’s needs
  • Cheese.  I’m not going to shame myself with sharing all the cheese we eat.  Whatever you are imagining – you are wrong
  • Bread.  Sandwiches.  French Toast, Toast, croutons, whatevs.  We love it.
  • Fruit.
  • Wine.  Don’t judge.

With that in mind it’s no wonder why I knew what *I* needed in a grocery store.  Now I want to know better what YOU need in a grocery store.  Leave me your list would ya?

  • Stephanie

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