Woodhull – The Land of Attractions

Molly (my 12yr old) recently had to do the following assignment for her school

In math, students are putting together their Travel Magazine page for our class travel book which will summarize their project. Students will then submit their Trip Plan Document and Travel Magazine Page.

So basically, she was asked to plan a trip that  she would like to take.  Some of her classmates chose Disneyland.  A couple wanted to go to Harry Potter Land.

And Molly?  Well.  She chose Woodhull.


I looked at her.  Did a slow blink.  And said “Woodhull?   Why?”  (I mean.  I dig Woodhull as you all know.  But this was an imaginary trip where she could go ANYWHERE.)

And she said…..

First I would of course go to The Butter Churn.  I miss the cheese curds, and the bread, and being able to see all the people who come in.  And then I could go over to Charlie’s and see him for a while.  <I had to interrupt her at this point and say “but you didn’t particularly care for the locker last time…. What has changed?”> She said, well.  I know what to expect at the locker now, and I like Charlie and Jan.  I know I could just walk over and they would be happy to see me.  And then I could walk down to the post office and get the mail with the key and anyone who saw me would just wave.  And not think it was strange to see me.  People would say Hi and probably ask me about the store and about G’Ma Dort and California.  And it would be okay for me to walk by myself, and go into places.  Plus I could ride my bike all over town.  By myself.

And I have to tell you InternetLand, that my heart broke a little bit.  Broken because of the sweetness of it all, and because she’s right.  She could go in and see Charlie and Jan and they would say “Molly!  Good to see you!  Tell us about school and boys and life”.  And she could go in The Butter Churn and immediately be able to help people find the right groceries and talk to them about food and help them by playing with their littles.  And then she could take the PO Box key to the post office and get the mail.  And no one would think any of that is weird.

Unlike the life she leads here.

She (nor can most people) have that kind of familiarity because that sort of thing really happens the most in a small town.

So, Dear Woodhull, Did you realize that you possessed the draw to capture the imagination and attention of a 12 year old SO MUCH that she would chose to be in your town over any.other.place?

That she would consider the value of being able to walk down MainStreet with confidence knowing that no one will stop her to ask her why she’s there.  That she could ride her bike and wave to folks and go see her Great-Grandma, visit her Great-Aunt at the Bank, and then stop at The Butter Churn to say “Hey” to Roxi.

Pretty sweet huh?

So for the rest of you who actually get to live there, and shop there, and go to The Butter Churn – let me tell you what’s going on.

We’re having an Official OktoberFest on the 31st.  The Meat Guys, The Beer Guys, and The Mead Guy will all be there.  And, you know us, we’ll probably wrangle up a few more fun things… There’s going to be some Brat Cookin’, and Beer Drinkin’.  And THEN!  Woodhull has it’s annual Trick-or-Treat Thing-y Event for the Littles starting at 2:30.  It’s going to be a great day.

We need some crafters!  We want you to be able to sell some of your things for the holidays!  Go in and talk to Roxi.  She’ll give you all the details.  It will be on commission and we can’t wait to see what sort of fun things we can stock our store with.

The Sitka Salmon guys will be here early December!  I can’t remember the exact date – but once it’s in place – I’ll create an event on Facebook.  

It’s getting chilly, so I hear.  Time to rev up those slow cookers!  We have EVERYTHING you need for 7 nights of dinner.  Beans, stew meat, root veggies, rice, pastas… Come on in and make something yummy.  And if you don’t want to cook – pop by and grab a pre-made salad or some other excellent concoction made by the Divine Ms. R.

So….  Go live a life that a 12 year old in California waxes poetic about.

(and….In the meantime we’ll go to our big grocery store that doesn’t know our names and that cares more about profits than the food that is supposed to nourish and help my kiddos grow.  And I know this because they sell stuff that isn’t good for anyone to eat.  And I’ll spend too much for some produce that has touched god-knows-how-many machines, and trucks, and hands who just aren’t paid enough.)

~ Stephanie

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