We are hiring.


I need someone y’all.

I need:

  • a part-time person
  • who loves food
  • who can talk to people (and I don’t mean you have to be a people-person.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but truthfully, I am NOT a people-person.  For Realz I am an introvert.  Yes, I know I’m a gregarious introvert, but I’m still an introvert.  I also don’t typically like people.  Can’t help it.  But I could work ALL DAY in that beautiful store surrounded by food.  So keep an open mind about yourself!)
  • who is 21.  Sorry – but I just have to have this.
  • who is willing to get a sanitation/food handling license (we’ll talk more)

Now, it has to be a good fit.  It’s too early in the game for us to hire just anyone because we really want to stay in business for the first year, and even though I would LOVE to give a job to anyone who applies, I really need someone who is going to be a good match for us.

The hours are pretty regular.  You know we’re open from 2-7pm during the week and 8-4 on Saturday.

If my Grandma were 20 years younger I wouldn’t have a job to offer because she’d be doing it, but, sad.  She’s not (although she’s still doing great by the way.  Don’t worry)

And for pete’s sake – I’d still LOVE for someone to open a coffee shop in the store in the morning hours.  I’m going to start looking in the surrounding areas outside of Woodhull and Alpha unless someone pipes up quick!

So call me!  408-507-6476!

or email me!  stephanie@thewoodhullbutterchurn.com

or Facebook Message me!  www.facebook.com/thebutterchurn

or stop by the store!  275 N. Division St, Woodhull, IL 61490

or call the store and leave a message!  309.334.3663   (did you know the last four digits of our number spells “food”?  cool huh?)

One thought on “We are hiring.

  1. Hey I am looking for more of a full time position I get along with jist about anyone love older people they are great but I am willing to work two jobs times are tuff. I work nights at Andres right now but I can work something out I am sure


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