Well that was the worst time to misplace my laptop

I left the blog with a whammy of a post and then disappeared for a couple of weeks.  DANG!  Sorry folks.

Turns out that I walked away from the SFO security checkpoint (on my way to Illinois last week) without putting my laptop BACK into my bag.  Breathe Everybody – I got it back, but it took a little bit.  And in the meantime a bunch of stuff happened.


The Butter Churn participated in Henry/Stark County Fast Pitch and won a pretty decent prize.


Chef Steph came and did a cooking class and WOW’d us all.  (it was amazing and will get a separate post all to itself in the near future)

Jennifer from Creekside Winery did a wine & cheese pairing event!  And we learned just how many excellent ways we can transform our kitchen!

My Grandma is doing fine!  Honestly you can barely tell that she even had the stroke!  She beat us at cards – and I don’t let her win.  I told her that just because she’s old, I don’t have any problems being the winner.  Except that she’s wicked good at cards and regularly whomps us.  UGH.

  • I met with Ganson’s Gluten-Free Bakery and taste tested so many amazing products.  We are going to start selling them in the store just as soon as we get another freezer (soon!).  Their Brioche Bread is crazy-delicious.  Even if you are not gluten-free, you may convert just because it tastes so good.  And their cakes?  Shut up and take my money.
  • Also… Mead is here (Pumpkin!) and starting October 13 we will have Mississippi River Distillery Spirits back in the store (you know that means Iowish, right?)
  • Woodhull had their Homecoming Parade and guess who won for Bestest Float In The History of All The Floats Ever?  (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but we did win a prize!)11221779_945064162224841_4986426604395559570_n
    12039706_945052768892647_6560345025742898056_n12036934_945052798892644_7765150275510558329_n 12033165_945052822225975_7625849845476920772_n

And have you seen how yummy our store is looking lately?

11036894_944556915608899_7822698263290169452_nIt’s funny – most people wondered what would happen come fall and winter.  We’re not worried  – Fall has come and we are loving it.  We have a ton of food at the store and as the weather gets cooler, we can all tuck in and start cranking up those crock pots, and baking!  We have your needs covered.  Come in and see us and we’ll get you set for dinner supplies!

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