Time Traveling

I’m reading “Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe” right now.  For the 3rd time.  (I desperately want to exaggerate and say it’s the 1032X, but really, it’s like the 3rd time.  I have some shame around that.  Because I SHOULD read it that many times.  Because it’s that good)

And it strikes me that maybe we have hit the generation of time travel.

And we don’t need a spaceship.

My generation (Who is officially getting old and starting to get cancer for real yo and die) still remember small town.  Which I’m not sure is good or bad.  And we have loads of technology.  I talk to my mom and my G’ma all the time.  I see them a lot.  And we live thousands of miles away.  And we crave the time where we all went out on our bikes and no one expected us back.  *I LIVED THAT*  But that is not how we live now.

And so we time travel.  I’m writing this post that will reach hundreds of people.  I don’t even know why.  Maybe because there are people who love small towns.  Or wish there was a Butter Churn where their G’Ma lives.  I don’t have degree in marketing.  (it shows) Or small business. ( I don’t know if you knew that or that not)  And I hate meetings.  And I love real connections.  And most of you don’t know me.  But I’m time traveling – and so are you.

Walking into The Butter Churn is surprising for people.   It feels.  Nice.  In a good way for most.  Troubling for others.  For some folks it would be easier to shop there if it looked like a convenience store – because that’s what they are used to.  I wish they could know that it didn’t cost any extra for the store to look the way it does.  In fact, it probably cost less.

If my Pops were alive he would yell at you to close the door.  But he would be there.  Because he would feel comfortable.   Dang.  That man would have had a stool in the kitchen and fought with the town and the health department and the state.   I am going to have to ask the Village for official parking at some point – but my Pops would have just assumed it to be so and then made a stink.   Thank God I’ve got Charlie.  I may not have my Pops anymore – but I have Charlie.  And we time travel.

Let’s go back to meetings.  I loathe meetings.  We live in a time where there are a lot of meetings.  And not a lot of action.

Guess how meetings were held in the last 2 years about how small towns needed funding for grocery stores?  (I have no idea about the actual answer, but I can guess it’s a lot)

Wanna guess how much funding The Butter Churn received from grants/initiatives?  The answer is:  None.  We did it anyway.

And we time travel.  We all want the long ago.  (Well the good stuff.  Not the sexism and racism – but we are extending our great disbelief.)

Everyone should be able to have food.  Not crap-food either.  It’s awesome and ridiculous that I’m even writing this on the internet.  Having  a grocery store in your town shouldn’t be a “Lucky Break”  or because you have wifi.

Support your Local folks.  Because frankly we don’t have to do this and we could all just work for walmart.  Or we can do better.

You all have choices where you shop.  Do it at a place where it actually makes a difference.  Go ahead and do a little time travel in The Butter Churn.  It’s a little like walking into Little House (without Miss Snooty Nelly), but you can check yourself in on Facebook with your phone (which we also encourage).

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