If “local” was a drinking game, we would have been sloshed by 3:04pm

You guys!  We were on the teevee!

Paula Sands Live!

Chef Steph Godke is magic in the kitchen and I can’t wait to see her at the store on September 21st at 6pm.  The food in your mouth is going to be SO good that it will make you mad it’s so delicious.  Seriously – did you see that cake?  Why am I not eating that RIGHTNOW???

I need to break it down though……  Do you know why we are all about local?

If you answered “Because you guys are hipsters on the latest trends with your keen eyes on the market utilizing opportunities and buzzwords to your every advantage”

Uhm.  Good guess.  But.  You would be wrong.  Funny.  But wrong.

  1. The Butter Churn uses local because we are weird with money.  We believe money is like a vote and every time we spend some, we are telling our economy what we believe in.  We like to know exactly where our money is going.  (Sometimes we shop at Walmart also – but we know exactly where that money is going – and it’s really not to the people that work there.  There’s no starry eyed romance going on here)
  2. Small towns cannot get the business of big grocery stores.  Little grocery stores trying to act like Big grocery stores go out of business.  Big grocery stores usually have a smallish section that have a lot of neon star-cut-outs that proclaim “This is a Local Product”, but most of the stuff isn’t.  But when Little grocery stores act like Big grocery stores they can’t stock near the selection, nor get the same prices for all the not-local stuff that is typically offered.  A spiral where no one wins.
  3.  I have talked to, shook hands with, met kids of, called, every single person who helps make the products that are on our shelves.  When you buy Paige Beck’s eggs – you are supporting her going to college.  When you buy the Hennenfent’s BBQ sauce – you are getting that family one step closer to being able to quit their day jobs.  When you buy Bishop Hill Bread – Tom and Melissa Campbell and their kids get to keep doing what they do best – which is bake, raise some amazing kids, and help keep Bishop Hill alive.  And on and on and on.
  4. Keeping it local means your food isn’t traveling from thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of miles away.  Your keeping the environmental impact of feeding a community lower.
  5. Local means jobs.  Not just at The Butter Churn (although I will tell you that sooner rather than later we’ll need to hire more people….) but for everyone.  It creates revenue and jobs and economic security.
  6. It creates community.  Food feeds our bellies, and it has the power to feed our everything else. too.  Bear with me while I get all emotional – but when you eat something that someone put some love in it.  It’s better.

So there.  While I love that “local” has become a thing, and god-knows I hope it sticks, we are local because it’s the right thing to do.  For all the reasons.

And if you are going to play the take a drink everytime the word “local” is said – make sure you are drinking something you bought at The Butter Churn.

Find us on the old Facebook

Come see us:  275 N. Division St, Woodhull, Illinois

Monday – Friday 2pm-7pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

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