We had to MAKE the potato chip distributor leave potato chips at our store.

Because he didn’t want to.

He walked in today and said “You can’t sell these here.”

Roxi said “Why not?”

He said “Because this is a health food store.  Potato Chips aren’t healthy”

Potato Chips

See these? They are delicious. Come in and buy them.

I’m going to say it again.  Louder this time.


and now with a fancy block quote


You guys – there are 5lb buckets of LARD in that store right now.

And – I’m going to tell you a secret – for the record – *I* do not particularly care for health food stores. I loathe that it has come to this sort of frank honesty, but you’ve forced me to admit it.  Because generally I like to be a supportive person and whatnot, and if someone has a health food store – awesome.  More power to them.   But personally, they are not my favorite – and it’s because I’m a mom.  First of all – in a usual health food store – there is very little food.  There are a lot of supplements.   And typically – there’s a lot, A LOT, of processed food.  And it’s usually expensive.   On the times when I have shopped in health food stores – I never could ever shop in a way that would actually feed my family dinner.  Snacks?  Sure.  But a complete meal?  Nope.

So there.  All of that right there is the opposite of The Butter Churn.  We have very little processed food.  And it’s not expensive.  And there is not a supplement to be seen anywhere in that space.  Nor will there be.

So you guys are killing me with saying it’s a health food store.  Trust me – I KNOW what a health food store is.  And it is not The Butter Churn.  So do us all a favor and from this moment on  – never, ever, ever utter those words in connection with The Butter Churn.  The Butter Churn is where you can buy food.  FOOD.  Your great-grandma could have shopped in that store and would have known what every item we sell is – and how to pronounce the ingredients as well as understand them.

I am cracking up that Roxi had to talk a distributor into leaving product with us.  Good Grief.   So come in and prove that guy wrong.  Buy some locally made chips.  I cannot WAIT to eat some.   I’m going to be dipping those chips in some Boetje’s mustard (because that’s how I roll) come September and no one better get in my way.

2 thoughts on “We had to MAKE the potato chip distributor leave potato chips at our store.

  1. If that potato chip man was Steve Nichols, he was messin’ with ya. He’s got a wry sense of humor and looks like Oscar the Grouch.


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