You know what Woodhull needs next? A Coffee Shop.

And do you know who is NOT opening a coffee shop?   ME.

But…. I do know of an excellent place for someone to open one.

The Butter Churn Kitchen.

So let’s just make an officially announcement shall we?

I am looking for an entrepreneur who would like to lease my kitchen to have their own business of a coffee shop.  

I have select hours available and details would need to be hashed out (of course).  

Let me tell you who this would be perfect for:

Someone who wants to open a small business but doesn’t want a huge endeavour – either with time, or huge initial financial investments.  Someone who likes to get up early.  Someone who wants to meet a huge need in this town.  Someone who likes coffee.

If think you might be this person – let me know.  If you know someone who might fit the bill – pass on this info and have them get a hold of me.

Also – they can contact me through the old facebooks:

oh coffee.  I love you.

oh coffee. I love you.

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