And this was made by a one-legged man.

My parents went traveling recently.  And for their trip we put together the first Butter Churn Bag of Extravaganza full Happiness and Joy.  Or, in simpler terms – a bag full of the good stuff that we sell (that is not only ideal for people who live in Woodhull, but also ideal for gift giving and showing some hometown pride – nice plug, eh?   Ooooooh!  Just wait – pretty soon we’ll have an announcement about Holiday Gift Bags and how you can gift someone a little love from The Butter Churn!)

My mom remarked that everything in the bag had a story to it.  The popcorn folks (pilot knob) well – they are a family with a little one.  It’s their family business and they are over in Oneida.  Which is like, around the the corner.  The coffee (country morning) the fun family who laid down roots in Kewanee to be close to family who had moved there AND the love coffee.  The egg gal (17 year old Paige who is SO tired of being talked up by both me and her mom, but is so amazing and started with her chickens with have NO IDEA that she would be able to pay for part of college with her business).

And on and on I could go.  Because everything, everything, has a story.  And we were noticing how the things we love best typically do.  But when you get it at WalMart…. Notsomuch.  You know what I mean.

But even beyond that!  If you have been following the blog for awhile, you know the story of Charlie and my building.  And the story of Theresa, our banker who believed in us.

Seth. Who once went as the leg lamp from The Christmas Story Movie. Because he is amazing. And our tables, made by Reclaimed Salvage (over in Osco.  Yes!  Osco – you know where the old church is?  That guy.).

But I bet you didn’t know that my crates were made by a one-legged man named Seth.

But they were.  And I love them.

So put that in your pocket!  Little known tidbit about The Butter Churn!


Seriously!  Look how good they look!

Part 2:  So…. Now I’m back in California and I had to go grocery shopping.  My grocery store (out of the 5 I could go to in a 2 mile radius from my house.  OY) is a few blocks from my house.   A little too far to walk, but close enough to make us all feel guilty for not walking.

It’s the first time I’ve had to shop for my regular life outside of The Butter Churn.  I was standing in the produce aisle and I picked up a tomato, smelled it, and sort of threw a tantrum.  I looked at my 12 yr old and said “I’m bitter!  I have to shop at store that isn’t my store for produce that isn’t as good as mine!!  UGH”

So folks, there you have it today.  A little secret about the crates that are in my store.  And a bit of tantrum that if you are in the area you are eating way better than I am.  I would love to have some of that Ropp Jersey Cow Cheese and I have to wait till September.  So enjoy.  And when you shop at the store, know that everything – has a story behind it and a real person or family that you are directly supporting.

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