3 Weeks Yo. 3 Weeks.

How did this happen?  We’ve been open for THREE WHOLE WEEKS.

Pretty amazing since, well.  I won’t name any names, but most people except for about 10 folks, thought we were batshit crazy and this would never work.

And don’t get me wrong….   I’m knocking on wood as I write that, because while I’m excited, I’m also just superstitious enough not to want to jinx anything.

But dang it!  It is working.  And I’m really writing this post to say Thank You.  Thank You for hanging with us while we’ve been open for the last 3 weeks.  We’re learning.  And what the biggest learning curve has been…..

(oh the unbearable anticipation you must be feeling wondering what in the world I’m about to say LOL)

Inventory.  As in.  Keeping enough stuff in the store.

sad face

And while it was sort of a good problem to have, it’s also really frustrating interesting.

So.  Thank you for supporting us while we figure this out.  The goal is to have what you need, have it be fresh (and it has to be because a lot of the things we have are not meant to sit on a shelf for a thousand years).

I’m going to pin a post on our FB page of our Regularish Schedule That We Sort Of Try To Follow. So if you haven’t started to look at us on the ol’ facebook – you may want to check it out here and there.

And I’m on a continual hot hunt for more things.  Keep the ideas and suggestions coming!!  If I can find it/get it/you want it – I’ll do it!  I want that store to be full of deliciousness!!  And if you know someone who has some mad skillz but is lacking a commercial kitchen – hey!  We have that covered.  Come cook in my kitchen and sell your stuff.  Honestly, it’s not a lot harder then that.

ooooh – you know what’s new that is coming soon?  <drumrole> Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips!  You remember that those guys are local right?  (and seriously.  For those of you who sort of thought I was putting in a health food store, I hope this has cleared that up.  Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with health food stores.  Or other people wanting to open a health food store.  Or shopping at health food stores.  Or that potato chips are crazy unhealthy.  Aw Jeez.  I’ll just stop there)

So again.  Thank you for supporting us while we get through some of these learning curves.

I’m glad you sort of dig the store.  I dig you right back.

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