The other day Charlie opened The Butter Churn Doors and said “Well.  Are you open or not?”

I said “well yah.  We’re open.”  <secretly thinking “what the hell?  I put out my sign, the blinds are flipped, the lights are on, I’ve facebooked”

And he said “Well.  You don’t look like you’re opened.”

——– So Charlie put in these fancy front doors for me.  They have the blinds between 2 planes of glass.  I thought they just moved from closed to open – turns out you can pull the blinds up completely!  WHO KNEW??? ——

And my sign had gotten turned around from the wind.

Charlie and I

So here comes Charlie, spiffed up for birthday party.  Watching out for me.

I can only imagine that he shakes his head on a daily basis wondering how in the world I get along.

And stopping by to make sure that I do.

Not sure what I did right to get this guy and his family in my life – Dang I’m grateful though.

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