“So… The Kitchen. I don’t get it.”

That is the #2 most asked/commented thing about The Butter Churn (#1 is “So… What are you guys exactly?  What do you sell?” LOL)  Today is going to be about the kitchen though.

So.  I know.  It’s sort of a weird, confusing thing we’re going here huh?  I mean, what the heck?  We’re a grocery store…. right?  (Well.  Sort of.  Now we’re back to #1.  Oh the never-ending questions!)  So what’s up with the kitchen?!?

Well first.  Some photos.  Taken today.
Purty Kitchen

Oh man.  Look at that pretty kitchen.  It’s nice huh?

Double Oven Love

Double Oven.  With Convection.  Drool.


Look at the sweet curtains my Sister-In-Law made me.  She’s so awesome.

I have a new personal life goal – and that is to someday have my personal kitchen be as nice as my Butter Churn kitchen is.

And you know what?  I want you all to come use it.  For Realz.  And because I know you don’t quite understand what the heck this is all about yet… I have a put together some info about my kitchen.

Here ya go:


Happy Cooking!

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