I shook his hand.

Jacobson'sRoxi and I met a local celebrity today.

Dwain Jacobson stopped by The Butter Churn this afternoon.

Do you know who that guy is?  Because you should.  He is the owner of Jacobson’s Bakery.

<maybe you don’t know this.  But you should have a pause of respect and involuntary inhaling right now.>

Anyway, the guy is 86 – (Dwain Jacobson).  And doesn’t want to retire.  He loves making rusks, and for those of you who have ZERO idea what I’m talking about right now… Imagine a sort of Swedish Biscotti.  But better.  (of course.  Because it’s Swedish.)

But….  Let’s talk about Jacobson’s Bakery.

Did you know you can go in.  Get some rusks.  And put money in a box on the counter.  And Leave.


You know why?

Because that is how they roll.  And they always have.

They are Legendary because of their rusks, and because of their honor system in Galva.

I called him a few weeks ago, because – Dang – you can’t be running a local market without having Jacobson’s Rusks involved.  My Pops would have had my hide.

(My Grandma got to enjoy the rusks for a long time because she had a friend who would drive to Galva ever other week or so and pick some up for her.  Thanks for the years of helping my Grandma, Arnold)

So Dwain said he’d like to be one of our suppliers.  So for first the time, Jacobson’s Rusks will be able to be purchased in Woodhull.

And sadly, my Grandma’s friend passed away not to long ago, and she has been out of rusks.  (I mean.  It’s terrible for lots of reasons about the passing of my Grandma’s friend.  I can’t fix most of that – but I can sell rusks.)

Here’s a fun little piece about Jacobson’s:  Galva Bakery – Blows People’s Minds

My heart is about bursting.  Dwain Jacobson shook my hand today.  I have been eating Jacobson’s rusks since, well, forever.  And they are about to be sold in my store.  COME BUY SOME TOO!!!   Not only are they delicious, but they embody everything that is just right about so many things.  If you get a chance to read about their honor bakery, you’ll know what I mean.

Less than 2 weeks.  4pm July 18th Folks – ribbon cutting.  See you there.  Oh – and I bought a big-ass, very big coffee maker yesterday so there will be coffee for you to dip your rusk into.

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