Happy Cooking!

The kitchen is mostly done now.

(it’s nicer than my own personal kitchen.  for realz.  I have a new personal dream/goal to someday have a kitchen as nice as The Butter Churn)

The freezer and refrigeration have been ordered.  It’ll be here in a few days.

The register and all that’s involved with THAT has arrived (way to go Square).

The display tables and check-out counter have been ordered (thanks Reclaimed Salvage!!)

I’ve got a couple of friends who are scouring thrift shops and crafty things to make my life easier.

And a few have you have asked what can you help with.  Truthfully Here it is:  I could use some help with kitchen stuff.  Do you have kitchen tools that you don’t need anymore?  Extra pans, etc…?  Stuff you bought once and it turns out you don’t really use?  I’m stocking the kitchen from scratch, and while I’m picky on some stuff (I LOVE cast iron and go that way ALL the way), some of it would be great to have now and we can upgrade as we go along.

AND – we have a wonderful list of suppliers – we are going to have some GREAT food at The Butter Churn – but….   Who else should I know about?  Who else makes a product that we should be selling?  Send them my way or comment with your ideas and I’ll hunt them down.  🙂

BTW.  It’s July first.  We are officially in the month of when we are going to open.

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