Rainbows from a Unicorn’s Bottom vs. Shopping at The Store (ie. Farmer’s Markets vs. Box Stores)

The Butter Churn

People have asked me a lot if The Butter Churn is going to be like a Farmer’s Market.

The short answer is No.  Not really. Well.  Sort of.  But…   The long answer is yes…Sort of, No.

The similarities will be there in the food sold – fruits, veggies, meat, fish.  And of course you’ll also be able to get your bulk/pantry items.

But I think that’s where it ends.

Let’s talk about Farmer’s Markets.

(And full disclosure…I’m guilty of everything I’m about to talk about.)

I have absolutely walked up to a Farmer’s Market Booth, or some Craft Fair and eagle eyed the merchandise.  Like, really, REALLY, looked it over.  And even though the person on the other side of that table has spent countless hours growing or crafting this thing in front of me, then after growing it, schlepped it down to a market to try and single-handedly…

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