In one year.

I have this timehop thing on my phone.  It pulls from my personal facebook page things that I’ve posted over the years on each day.  Today’s timehop was this:

“Yesterday I took a breath and launched my fundraising site for a Grocery Store in My Hometown that I can’t stop thinking about…. And I was called to a birth (because I’m a part-time doula).  In the past 24 hours I have watched people share and speak amazing words about me in support of my Grocery Store Dream, and welcomed a new sweet baby into the world.  Tonight I am wrapped in gratitude and hopes for the future”

Tonight I’m sitting at my kitchen table (so much happens at my kitchen table. Truly the heart of my home is in the kitchen).  And I’m finishing up the paperwork for the building/property insurance, today I mailed in the check for the insurance on me (to cover the loan in case of.. well. I die).  I’m looking at pictures of the snow in Woodhull (thank you Internet).  And I’m plotting out the timeline of what Roxi and I have to do to have a grand opening in July.  And.. I’m also waiting for another baby – I have a client in her due date window, heavy with babe.  I imagine I will meet another sweet one in the next few days.

So… This year, this last year.  It’s been happening.  I went from having a dream.  And let’s be honest, it wasn’t really a dream.  It was me being frustrated when I went home that getting food in Woodhull was such a pain in patoot.  I just really didn’t understand why it was so, unbelievably difficult, to get more than gas station food.  Little did I know the rabbit hole I was about to fall into.

I don’t want to talk just yet about the fundraising, not in any huge way – what I can tell you though, is that asking for money is weird.  People are cautious, and strange, and interesting about money.  Some of my relationships changed, and people continued to blow my mind.  In interesting ways.  Fundraising helped me to solidify my relationship with money, and that was also an interesting side note.  There’s a couple things that I think everyone should try at least once – like waiting tables.  Everyone should try that out, at least once.  And asking for money for something you really believe in.  You should try that too.

I got a call the other day.  From a farmer outside New Windsor.  He heard about The Butter Churn.  He’s excited about it.  And I thought “Yes.  This.  This phone call.  This community.  This Is what it’s supposed to be.”

You know all the times when people shake their heads and sigh and say something like “It’s common sense.  Why is that so hard?”

The Butter Churn is about to be a real life example of how common sense doesn’t have to be that hard.  We’re just going to do it.  I wonder how many meetings have been held by people who have access to funds, who know about need, and still are just talking?  Because, in that same time, we raised some money, we’re building a building, and we’re going to be open this summer.  With food from the farmers, and the growers and the folks who live in and near this community.

Thank you Timehop for giving me some clarity on timeframe.  Some days it’s been so long, and yet – it’s only been a year.  Not too shabby.

And thank you to you guys. Honestly, without the support of everyone (and I REALLY MEAN THAT) I would just be chatting the ear off of my mom about this daydream of a store while she would try to look interested.  Instead she’s actually going to be able to shop there.

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