Rumor has it…! Someone told someone told someone…


I finally sit down to write a blog post – which I did.  About Fall.  And of course, after I hit “publish” my mom calls.

Does this happen to anyone else?  I think it’s hilarious.  And she says “honey.  Do you want to know the rumors around town?”

Of course I do!  I absolutely grew up in a small town.  I love hearing the rumors as much as the next person, especially when they are about me. Especially because the dirt on me is always a lot more interesting than what is actually happening in my real life.  I’m more exciting sounding and mysterious in rumors.  In real life I’m kind of a regular person.  But in gossip, I’m very interesting!  Extra Juicy!

Rumor 1: I don’t have any money.

Truth:  The moment I heard that – I couldn’t help it – I laughed the big laugh.  The one that I laugh that usually surprises people.  And I said “oh god mom.  We’re building a building!  Does anyone have that kind of money just lying around?”   I love honesty though, and it makes me laugh thinking that anyone might be hanging out wondering about my finances.   Here we are starting a business and looking for financing for the rest of it.  This is pretty standard for a new business.  LOL

Rumor 2: We were denied a loan because it’s too risky.

Truth: Well. That’s just not true.  Or if we have been nobody told me.  Which means there would be some pretty terrible customer service stuff going on.  And very unprofessional.  I can tell you that I have been surprised by some of local businesses and their lack of communication.  I know that we will never run The Butter Churn like that.  And as much as I like to hear the juice about myself, I don’t like to spread it.  Integrity and honesty is something that I value very much.

This stuff cracks me up though.  Someone told someone told someone..  I love this – all the parts.  And mostly because I also know that for any bit of story that goes around, underneath is a community of people who are there to help and be strong and supportive when that is needed.

And!  If anyone wants to check in with me personally – I would love to hear from you!

Next blog post will be about pumpkins and food.  Which are the subjects I’m most interested in – money is fine and interesting – but food!  Let’s get back to that please.

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