Peachy Keen Jellybean


Sorry for being such a terrible blogger.  Kids went back to school, life is been crazy, because that is what life is 🙂

Here’s what’s going on:

We found someone who could lay the foundation, we felt some anxiousness about getting the foundation down – gotta do it before it gets cold.  We don’t have all the financing worked out yet for the rest of the building – but we knew we could swing getting the foundation in.  So even while we are figuring out the rest of the money, I feel some relief that the foundation is going to be done.  A very jelly side is that we figured out what we truly needed for the rest of this project to go.  That was quite a hurdle frankly. 

Have you ever done this before?  I haven’t.  It reminds of me of something I often tell my expectant parents – being brave doesn’t mean you aren’t scared.  Most of the time you are scared.  Brave is doing it anyway. 

So we’re doing it anyway. 

In other news I received an email from someone who financially supported us during the crowdfunding – we’ve been working out some perk details – anyway I told her what was happening with the construction and how grateful I was for her.  She wrote me back and said “…I am glad to have given you support.”

I was so touched by that sentence.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.   I feel like it’s rare to give money support(!), that doesn’t have some unconscious strings attached, and here months later a person that I don’t personally know, gifted us again – this time with her words.  I’m beyond touched and once again stunned by all that we have learned and seen and been gifted by – This store was always meant to be more, more than just a business, more.  It is and continues to be that. 

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