Where our store will be.  It's official.

Where our store will be. It’s official.

Signed and paid for.  We are the proud new owners of a commercial lot of land in Woodhull.  The Butter Churn will have a home on N. Division.

And We’re going to be joining an amazing community.

I used to joke that I came from a “blink and you miss it town” and if you were traveling on 17 and blinked… Well, you may actually miss it.  BUT.  If you turn on N. Division, you would find yourself in the middle of this town.  A town, that looks like maybe there isn’t much there.  Wrong.  It has around 40+ businesses.  It is home to a middle and high school, with the elementary being a mere 2 miles or so away in a sister town of Alpha.   It is a town that if you skim it, you may think it’s passive, or perhaps declining.  And it’s not.  It’s a town that has continued to stay steady, and wants to thrive.  I can’t imagine a more exciting time to be a part of this community.

Last weekend we participated in the First Annual Fun Fest.  Years ago, there used to be a weekend in the summer called Fun Days.  It was a big deal.  My memories are child memories…. So this may not be 100%, but the way I remember it – full on festival.  Food, Dunk Tanks, Talent Show, Parade, Tractor Pulls, etc…  (full disclosure… I was Miss Alwood Princess when I young.  I won’t lie, it was pretty awesome.  Although it was the years of the really big glasses and every picture taken of me, is one where you can see my growing out haircut and big BIG glasses.  sigh.)

Well, Fun Days sort of went by the wayside.

Until this year.  When a group of citizens decided that they wanted to celebrate – create community – and have some fun.

Started out with a 5K run (which I was able to participate in with my tween cousin M!), and then a day of Bingo, homemade pie, dunk tanks, fire hose water fights (which my kids participated in!)

After the run.  We did it!

After the run. We did it!  (she was kind of nervous – and did great)

Water Fight!

Water Fight!

Rounded out the night with a street dance.  Of which I will now spare you photos of.  😉

And I knew… During that whole day… That our sign was up and that for real, we had found a place to land our store.

Create Community.  We knew it all along.


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