We had our Town Meeting!!! (and an announcement)

So, hey!   We had our Town Meeting!! And a lot of people showed up! And my Grandma made cookies and Scotch-a-roos (which I realize not all of y’all even know what those are. They are peanut butter/butterscotch rice crispy treats with a layer of chocolate on the top. I ate like 84000 of them. In tiny individual pieces so I could feel okay with myself)


We did a terrible job of introducing all the amazing people in that room who came to support us.

So I’m going to do it now:

Sarah Hahn was there – She is the Owner of Beagle Creek Farms. And she msgd me earlier in the week and said “hey, would you like me to make Goody Bags?” I was floored. I hoped she would bring a little bit of produce for a display table and instead she made our whole meeting look legitimate and fancy. We had about 20 bags of her veggies to hand out to folks and frankly, it may have been the best part of the meeting.


Kathleen Repass was there – She’s the Director over at the Henry County Economic Development Partnership and Henry County is lucky to have her. She has gone above and beyond to support The Butter Churn, sometimes holding our hand, sometimes lighting a fire, and sometimes getting us in touch with the right people at the right time.

Theresa Mangieri was there – She’s the VP over at First Midwest Bank in Galesburg. Her willingness to get to know the ins and outs of potential clients is amazing. The time and attention to detail and her understanding of finances is stunning.

Bruce Curry was there – He is one of the owners over at Country Corners in Alpha and that guy brings so much experience about produce and community. He brought depth and insightfulness, along with some great questions about what we’re doing.

Dave Holmes was there – Dave isn’t just the Mayor of Woodhull, he’s also been a thoughtful supporter of The Butter Churn since I called him up last August. He loves Woodhull, and having his support in the community where we are going to be at is a relationship I value very deeply.

Cheyanna Losey was there – She is the Pastor over at the United Church of Woodhull. She is hands down one of the most thoughtful people I know. She thinks deeply about the businesses that will be a part of the fabric of her town, and I admire her so much for that. For her to give The Butter Churn support does not come lightly or without extensive thought.

And there were so many more, Joanne and Lloyd Carlson, Gary Johnson, Alex and Kassi Doonan… Folks who also had businesses in Woodhull or nearby, and folks that wanted to know how the store will be a part of their lives.

Looking around that room of people, knowing that they were there to learn more, ask questions, get to know us, and maybe even support us, well, I’m just shocked I didn’t burst into tears. (which I often do).


Theresa and I talked the next day and she said “You know, one of the most interesting things about working with you on all of this, is how The Butter Churn has never been profit-driven. It’s always been community-driven. Most people when starting a business are doing so to make some money, yet you’re not a non-profit”

And I smiled. It’s always made sense to me. We’re SO not a non-profit. I mean, we don’t have a mission to feed the people. We do need to be sustainable and we all need to eat…. And yet, profit driven was never the right fit either. If your community doesn’t support it, what’s the point? And if you’re not building community… Again, what’s the point?   Put the priorities in the right place and they all come together.

Just like our meeting all came together.  Of course the first question was – Where the heck are you going to be located?   At that very moment of the meeting we weren’t exactly sure, because we wanted a chance to officially put the feelers out before we made our final decision.

Which we did.

And 2 days later we found our home for The Butter Churn.




There’s some legal stuff going on, papers are getting drawn up, and we shook hands.  It’s done folks.

Bet you can’t wait till the next post huh?

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