Scotch-a-roos and Fortune Magazine

Guess what I just found out…..?

My Grandma is making Scotch-a-roos for the Town Hall Meet & Greet.

Grandma Great, MeMaw, Mom, and Me

Grandma Great, MeMaw, Mom, and Me at Grandma Dort’s house. 1975

You’ve heard yes?  About our Meet & Greet?  Here’s the deets if you haven’t:

Tuesday June 17 @ the Woodhull Town Hall *Refreshments Served*
6 PM to 7 PM – Meet and Greet
Come mingle with the owners, the suppliers and The Butter Churn Supporters
7 PM to 8 PM – Progress and Information
This is our opportunity to tell you more about the past, present and future of
The Butter Churn, and your opportunity to ask us questions you may have.
We are really looking forward to meeting everyone!!!

*Refreshments = my grandma’s Scotch-a-roos and my Mom’s packinghouse rolls = WINNING

So I was reading Fortune yesterday (cuz I’m  so new I barely know what I’m doing  an entrepreneur yo’) and I was captivated by the shiny-ness of the magazine.  I rarely read traditional magazines because I know it’s all smoke and mirrors – women don’t look like that and relationships don’t play out like they do in magazines… So why oh why did I momentarily lose my mind and start reading Fortune…?  Dunno – Because I’m human?   Anyway, DANG!  Those folks are business people.  Investor people.

Anyway, it made me laugh.  And I thought about our Meet & Greet..  And I thought – yeah, we’re not going to be unrealistically shiny, but we will have my G’ma’s Scotch-a-roos.  And I was so grateful that we’re doing this.  This REAL business that will make a REAL difference to REAL people.   I don’t know how many other folks get to be as lucky as we do.  I’m feeling the gratitude though.

I can’t wait to be home in a few days.  I can’t wait to see all of you!

(and yes, my Grandma does still have that picture hanging in her living room.  Although I’m pretty sure the dresses have long been gone)

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