But she’s already DOING it!

So I was having coffee with a friend of mine on my last trip to Woodhull…  and she was telling me about a meeting she had recently been at – where the topic of discussion was Farm to Table and getting local food to local people.   And how after the meeting my friend approached the organizer and said “I know this woman in Woodhull who is actually doing what it is that this whole meeting was about.   You guys should go help her”

And the organizer said… But is she a non-profit?

And my friend said “She’s not.  But she’s DOING what you say you want to be doing!”

And there was hemming and hawing.

I have to admit.  I laughed.  Because the month before I had also been talking to an organization who looked like they were a perfect fit for The Butter Churn for support.   Their website talked about local food promotion, fresh food, food deserts, etc…  Except… Not quite.  They really mostly work with established, bigger grocers (think Save-A-Lot, etc…).  I sputtered a little while I was on the phone with them – I said “but big grocers really couldn’t be sustained by these smaller towns.  Big grocers wouldn’t have any reason to try and make something work in these little communities.”  And the lady on the phone sighed a little and said “yeah”

I was a bit exasperated and said “so, even though it seems like our model goes hand in hand with what you say you guys want to do…. You’re not really doing it”

And she said again “yeah”

I just had to laugh.

So when my friend was telling me her story, I was able to follow up with mine and really, it’s just funny.  Funny-sad-funny.  It’s amazing how many meetings people have about wanting to do something, but usually the next something is to schedule another meeting.  Lots of talk, lots of resources, very little action.

Well.  We’re moving forward anyway!  And I love that my friend just kept repeating “But she’s already DOING it!”

We’re trying to at least.  We still have a little bit to go.  But you all can help by showing up Tuesday, June 17th to our Town Hall Meet & Greet.  (trust me I see the irony of telling you about our meeting next week.  LOL).  Still, come ask questions.  Meet Roxi and I (and our families).  Sarah Hahn from Beagle Creek Farms will be there as well as lots of other people.   We’ll have some coffee and some information.

We don’t want to have a bunch of meetings where we talk about what should be done and darn it! just wishing that someone would do it.    We are that someone.  And we’re on our way of doing it.

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